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2,159,705,100 beverage containers were diverted from landfills in 2023!

That's the equivalent of…


Energy Saved


Greenhouse Gas
Emissions (GHG) Avoided


return rate


451 Boeing 747s

6,345,590 Stanley Cups

50 Space Shuttles

9 Calgary Towers



HELP US BEAT Our REcord of
2.15 Billion COntainers in a year

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Celebrate Recycling

Albertans achieved a beverage container return rate of 85% in 2023 and we’d like to thank our dedicated communities for their efforts. Each year Alberta bottle Depots collect over 2 billion beverage containers, which equals more than 99,245,030 kg of waste that is diverted from our landfills.
Well done, Alberta!


Recycling Programs

A beverage container recycling program can be started anywhere, by anyone. In order for Alberta’s beverage container recycling programs to flourish in an office, home, business, school, hotel, condo, or a public space they need to be developed using the right tools.


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Turning Used Beverage Containers Into New Resources

Alberta’s non-refillable beverage container collection system operator, ABCRC, is committed to giving used beverage containers of all types a second life.

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You might be wondering: Are glass bottles recyclable? How are plastic bottles recycled? What happens to a milk carton? Here’s a quick overview of the most commonly recycled beverage containers...

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BCMB Supports Government of Alberta Goal for Circular Plastics Economy

Alberta’s Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) is pleased to see the Government of Alberta’s recently released Natural Gas Vision and Strategy includes a focus on a circular economy for plastics.

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