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2,098,525,096 beverage containers were recycled in 2015 
This is the equivalent of…



Energy Saved


kg CO2eq

Emissions Avoided


return rate


659 Boeing 747s

6,843,911 Stanley Cups

2,951 Space Shuttles

11 Calgary Towers

Celebrate Recycling

Albertans achieved a beverage container return rate of over 85% in 2015 and we’d like to thank our dedicated communities for their efforts. Well done, Alberta! Each year Alberta bottle Depots collect over 2 billion beverage containers, which equals more than 107,324,978 Kg of waste that is diverted from our landfills.

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A beverage container recycling program can be started anywhere, by anyone. In order for Alberta’s beverage container recycling programs to flourish in an office, home, business, school, hotel, condo, or a public space they need to be developed using the right tools.

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0 – 1 litre plastic beverage containers can be returned to a Depot

Most Albertans know that 0 – 1 litre plastic water bottles can be returned to a Depot for a refund of 10 cents.

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Gable top containers can be returned to a Depot

Gable top containers are named for the fold at the top of the container that resembles the gable roof of a house.

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Alberta Depot remains an industry leader

It’s confirmed! Alberta Depot remains a leader in the Canadian beverage container recycling industry. Industry analyst, CM Consulting recently released their 2016 Who Pays What report.

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