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2,017,267,692 beverage containers were recycled in 2017 
This is the equivalent of…



Energy Saved


kg CO2eq

Emissions Avoided


return rate


309 Boeing 747s

6,656,077 Stanley Cups

1,378 Space Shuttles

9 Calgary Towers

Celebrate Recycling

Albertans achieved a beverage container return rate of over 85% in 2017 and we’d like to thank our dedicated communities for their efforts. Well done, Alberta! Each year Alberta bottle Depots collect over 2 billion beverage containers, which equals more than 103,169,200 Kg of waste that is diverted from our landfills.

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A beverage container recycling program can be started anywhere, by anyone. In order for Alberta’s beverage container recycling programs to flourish in an office, home, business, school, hotel, condo, or a public space they need to be developed using the right tools.

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2018 School Program is now Open!

Alberta Depot is proud to announce the launch of it’s 2018/2019 School Program! Join “The Recyclers” as they teach elementary school students about the benefits of beverage container recycling through...

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Leduc Bottle Depot Praised by Applaud Winner

The Leduc Bottle Depot received warm praise as one of their customers was the most recent draw winner in the Applaud a Depot program.

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The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest

The biggest bottle drive in Alberta kicks off this October as a fun and easy way for everyone in our province to get involved in raising funds for causes they...

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