Bottle Drive FAQs & Contacts

  • How do we promote this in the community?

    Promote the event and recruit volunteers by spreading the word! Create fliers, send emails and create notices in your local newsletter. Share on your community association or league website, social media pages and newsletters. If you can, design and print posters that can go up in local retail and businesses, community halls and recreational centres, schools or anywhere else your neighbours get together. Alberta Depot offers generic door hangers advising households of what beverage containers can be safely put out for collection along with customizable bag tags to ensure your community’s collected containers can be accurately accounted. Get in touch with your local Depot regarding door hangers or contact us directly.

  • What’s the best way to collect the containers?

    We’re suggesting that you distribute the door hangers and tags to households or businesses within your community approximately two weeks before your chosen drive date. Encourage your neighbours to leave their empty beverage containers bagged, tagged and ready for pickup on their front step by 8AM the morning of your drive.

  • How do we collect from apartment and condo buildings?

    We suggest contacting the building managers to put up a poster in lobbies, elevators, and recycle areas with information for residents. A little more coordination is required, but by determining a time and location for pickup - the potential for refunds is huge!

  • What if we can’t reach building managers?

    Leave a poster indicating your community’s designated muster point and return deadline for residents who wish to drop off their bagged containers to you.

  • How can we avoid theft of the containers?

    The door hangers will suggest to homeowners that they leave their bagged and tagged containers at their front door or at a neighbour’s between 6AM and 8AM to avoid collection prior to the event. If more convenient, households are welcome to personally deliver their bagged containers to the muster point between 8AM and 11AM. Event marshals will provide constant security of the returned bagged containers at the muster points.

  • Where will we return the containers?

    To ensure an efficient return of your bagged containers, you will be advised of your assigned Alberta Depot and a time slot to return your bagged and tagged containers. Where possible, your assigned Alberta Depot will help you move the containers to their Depot for sorting and counting. This information will all come in your hunt kit.

  • Does it matter how we spend the money?

    No, it’s your money. It’s completely up to you if your community wants to spend it now on something for the community, save it for a future initiative, or share it with a local club, team or worthwhile cause. That’s the beauty of the deposit system – it’s tax-free funds to use at your discretion.

  • What time should we do this?

    Most bottle drives start early in the morning and the returns are done early in the afternoon so everyone has the afternoon to themselves. We suggest a timeline as follows: 

    6AM – 8AM – Bagged and tagged containers are left in front of homes 
    8AM -11AM - Container collection
    11AM – 1PM – Optional event at the muster point 
    1PM – Returns dropped off at Depots (or if your assigned Alberta Depot has a vehicle they can come collect)

  • What containers are refundable?

    A full list of what containers are refundable and their value can be found here.

For more FAQ’s related to container recycling in Alberta, click here.

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