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Cerebral Palsy


The Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta (CPAA) is a registered non-profit organization that supports people affected by cerebral palsy and other disabilities in the province of Alberta. Cerebral Palsy is a term used to describe a group of conditions affecting body movement and muscle coordination. CPAA exists to provide Albertans with the assistance and services they require to enable them to life a life without limits.

CPAA joined the Community Champions Program in 2009. The funding they received was used to purchase bins and place them with companies throughout the province. Proceeds from their bottle collection go directly to their community programs which offer Albertans with cerebral palsy and other disabilities social interaction and healthy activities in nurturing environments. Since joining the program, CPAA has returned over 1.7 million beverage containers, what an amazing impact!

“Through ABCRC funding we’ve been able to add indoor bottle recycling to a number of our community partners. We’ve also created branded green bags which clearly identify to people that we accept bottles in addition to clothing. So far, we’ve distributed approximately 2,000 of these bags and are just starting to see the results of the promotion. In 2015 we recycled nearly 550,000 bottles, saving over 56,000 kg of GHG!”

Breanne O’Reilly
Communications & Marketing Manager
Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta

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Depot Spotlight

Breton Depot Receives Applause

breton depot

The Breton Bottle Depot is the most recent Depot to receive some recognition through the Applaud a Depot program. The Depot was Applauded by one of their customers, Karen, earlier this year. Neil and Rosemary Durrant, owners of the Breton Bottle Depot, celebrated with Karen and were joined by councillors representing the Village of Breton and Brazeau County.

Regarding her interactions with Neil and Rosemary, Karen said that “the owners of the Breton Bottle Depot are always friendly, and so helpful. They make their schedule fit around us at our small school, so we don’t have to worry about anything!” The Winfield School receives regular pick-ups from the Breton Bottle Depot, which is just one way in which the Depot provides outstanding service to their surrounding community. 

Depots around the province have been receiving kudos through Applaud a Depot. The next customer draw is on August 15th – check out your local Depot on www.findadepot.ca and leave an Applaud to participate! 

Alberta Depots Make a Difference

Applaud a Depot

Over 2,500 customers have sent in an Applaud for their local Depot - and they're still rolling in! Applaud a Depot features a quick survey designed to give kudos to the hardworking staff in our industry. Throughout the year, we will draw winners from the submissions to award customers sending in the Applauds, as well as the Depots they have Applauded! So far, we have celebrated 8 winning Depots and their corresponding customers. Be sure to get your name in the next draw, which will take place on August 15!


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The Breton Bottle Depot is the most recent Depot to receive some recognition through the Applaud a Depot program.

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