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Whitecourt Community Lunch Box Program

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The Whitecourt Community Lunch Box Program is a volunteer run program with a mission to help kids learn better on a full stomach.

Beginning in 2004, a small group of parent volunteers set out to ensure that all children attending schools in Whitecourt have the nutrition they need for optimal growth and development during the school day. Over the past decade, the project has evolved and includes all schools in Whitecourt and several community groups within the area.

The Whitecourt Community Lunchbox program became a Community Champions Program partner in 2015. Joining CCP has changed the way they fund their program. The funding they received from CCP was used to purchase beverage container recycling bins which were placed throughout Whitecourt for donations. Collecting donated beverage containers and taking them to an Alberta Depot for a refund has allowed the Whitecourt Community Lunchbox program to create revenue that goes directly into their program.

The program has also allowed them to assist the Whitecourt Community outside of the classroom. “The bins we’ve received through the Community Champions Program have allowed us to create part-time, meaningful employment for adults with disabilities and inclusive volunteer opportunities for seniors, youth and our own champions. Having the bins located around town makes for a cleaner, greener community and people are now able to support us in different ways.”

Tara Baker
The Community Lunchbox Society

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