Keeping Depot Customers & Staff Safe

With Alberta’s Stage 3 reopening and the lifting of all mandatory restrictions on July 1, 2021, Alberta depots are still required to ensure the safety of customers and staff. While health and safety measures may vary according to depot size and setup, this commitment is a standard that has always existed in the beverage container recycling industry.

While provincial restrictions related to masks and social distancing are no longer in place, depots are required to follow any municipal direction or guidelines for businesses in their communities. If there are no related municipal requirements, depots will each use their own discretion about health and safety measures, keeping in mind the compliance standards they must adhere to as part of their permit to operate and the Beverage Container Management Board's by-laws and policies.

Alberta Depots have done an excellent job during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep staff and customers safe and to keep the beverage container recycling industry operating so Albertans can return their beverage containers for a refund. Our entire industry appreciates the understanding and patience depot customers have shown since the start of the pandemic.