0 – 1 litre plastic beverage containers can be returned to a Depot

Most Albertans know that 0 – 1 litre plastic water bottles can be returned to a Depot for a refund of 10 cents. But did you know that any 0 - 1 litre plastic beverage container can be returned? Whether it’s clear or coloured plastic, beverage containers like your favourite yogurt drink, protein shake or dairy free coffee creamer can also be returned to receive a refund.

When you take your beverage containers to an Alberta Depot, clear plastic containers like a standard 500 ml water bottle, are sent to be recycled into pellets and are used to manufacture new food grade beverage containers. In other parts of the world, clear plastics are recycled into textiles like clothing and carpet.  Coloured plastics are turned into non-food grade plastics materials like the watering can you’ll need to dust off for the upcoming gardening season. Yes, Alberta - spring will eventually arrive.

Visit the Containers Types and Refunds page to learn more about all of the different types of beverage containers you can return to an Alberta Depot. If you can’t find the type of container you’re looking for, try entering the brand name or the UPC code in the BCMB Portal Search.