5 Fun Ways to Raise Recyclers

Teaching your little ones about recycling doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these ideas for incorporating education and FUN into forming great recycling habits for life. 

5 Fun Ways to Raise Recyclers:

  1.  Simple Bins for Big Wins
  2. Reward, Reduce, Recycle
  3. Read All About It
  4. Recycling Scavenger Hunt
  5. Depot Field Trip

1. Simple Bins for Big Wins

Keep it simple at the start with easy to understand categories like paper, plastic, and cardboard. Have kids help in crafting special signs for each with easy-to-understand pictures.

Make a game out of guessing what different recyclable materials are made of to help kids learn and read the different labels and symbols with older kids. Challenging them to slam dunk the right bin.

TIP: Beverage container deposits are based solely on the size of the container and not the material. There are two different deposit amounts:

  •  Beverage containers designed to hold 1 litre or less = 10 cent deposit/container.
  • Beverage containers designed to hold over 1 litre = 25 cent deposit/container.

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2. Reward, Reduce, Recycle

Rewarding your kids with the refund received from returning empty beverage containers to your local Depot can help keep them motivated and connected to the big and small benefits of recycling. Younger kids respond well to fun incentives like sticker charts to track progress. Crafting the chart together can get kids excited and serve as a great reminder to keep up new habits.

3. Read All About It

 Kids are always asking why. Luckily, there are great resources out there to help with storytelling. Picture books such as Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is a classic read and a great way to help kids make sense of environmentalism. There’s also The Little Green Books series featuring an eco-conscious super-hero who teaches kids how to recycle. Here’s a list of more great books to help teach your kids the importance and fun of recycling.

TIP: Get older kids onboard by making facts and stats more interesting. 2,017,026,382 beverage containers were recycled in 2018 - the equivalent of 9 Calgary Towers!

4. Recycling Scavenger Hunt

The good deed of picking up littered recyclables at your nearby park can be transformed into an exciting scavenger hunt! Help teach kids about the importance of picking up after themselves by going on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood collecting littered recyclable beverage containers and other items. Connect to the bigger picture by explaining how this garbage can negatively impact wildlife who might eat it and get sick. A scavenger hunt for recyclable beverage containers is great practice for The Great Prairie Bottle Harvest!

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5. Field Trip to the Depot

Recycling doesn’t end in the bin. Take your haul to a nearby Depot and help kids connect the dots between giving and receiving. The whole family can take part in touring the facility, talking with staff, sorting, and learning what happens to all the different containers you bring back. Find your nearest Depot here.

Your Kids’ Earth Inheritance

 There are many ways to teach your kids about how to take care of the planet they’re set to inherit. From encouraging them to color on the other side of a paper, to organizing a Recycling Club or Bottle Drive to raise funds for causes they care about. It all adds up to strengthening new habits and raising recyclers for life.

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