5 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Recycling Out of Home

In 5 Fun Ways to Raise Recyclers, we offered creative ways to teach your little ones about recycling. Sometimes it’s more difficult to get your kids recycling when you’re not at home. Here are 5 ways to make it easy! 

Make a game out of it 

Kids love games! (But come on, who doesn’t?) To make out of home recycling easier, simply “gamify” it. For example, you can put a spin on a classic with a recycling edition of “Eye Spy” or if our scavenger hunt​ idea was a hit, add a Recycling Bin Race to the agenda after your next haul. 

Recycling Bin Race

Make signs that say “Glass”, “Plastic”, “Juice Boxes”, “Cans”, “Not Refundable” and “Not Recyclable”. Hang the signs in the backyard or local park. When you hold up an item collected from the scavenger hunt, the kids will run and stand under the correct sign. You can give points for being the fastest for an extra challenge.

Start a Recycling Club

This is a great way to make recycling official while your kids take the lead. Having them name the club, decide the rules and plan the activities will give them ownership of recycling. It also gets their friends involved, and we know how that eliminates the need for much encouragement from Mom and Dad! Kids listen to their friends!

Make it Easy

Preparation is key when it comes to recycling while you’re away from home. Make each kid their own recycling bag out of an old pillowcase - it’s easy to wash and they can decorate it with markers, glitter glue or even cool ‘sew on’ patches. Keep the bags in the car so when your child has an empty recyclable container or sees one on the ground, they can put it in their bag to take home. This can also be a game or chance to incentivize, too! At the end of the month, whoever has the most recyclable beverage containers wins!

Field Trip 

If you’ve checked a “Field Trip to the Depot” off your list, keep an eye out for a park or other area that has accumulated some litter. Showing your kids the effects of ​not taking care of our planet can be an opportunity to spark their inner-environmentalist. Bring the recycling club troop so everyone can help with the clean-up. When the spot is looking great, the kids will feel proud of the difference they made, and probably have a bag of recyclable containers to take to the Depot! 

Help Your Kids Setup Their Own Bottle Drive

Bottle drives are a great way to raise money for a charity or non-profit organization. Teach your children about altruism and recycling at the same time by helping them set up their own bottle drive! We’re here to help you get started. Download our Bottle Drive Kit for tips on how to plan a successful bottle drive including mapping your route and getting the word out about your event. The kit also includes door hangers to print and distribute along your route. These handy hangers let your neighbours know what cause you’re supporting, the date of the bottle drive and which containers can be donated. 

Expanding your recycling habits to when your family is out-and-about can be easy - simply think like a kid and get a little creative! We’re happy to help with some ideas too, just shoot us a message on Facebook or​ ​Instagram​ and we can help you come up with ideas. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders for a sustainable planet so we encourage you to help get them started now!

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