Make sure to return all your eligible containers

Are you returning all of your eligible beverage containers? There are over 130,000 different types of containers that carry a deposit and can be returned to an Alberta Depot. All ready-to-serve beverage containers sold in Alberta are part of the recycling system, and each carries a deposit depending on the size of the beverage container.

Make sure you are returning all of your eligible containers, such as some of these lesser known types.

  • Gable Top Containers 0-1 L
    These cartons are named for the fold at the top resembling the gable roof of a house. Some examples include coffee cream or whipping cream.
  • Plastics 0-1 L
    Any clear or coloured plastic beverage container can be returned for a refund including yogurt drinks, protein shakes or dairy free coffee creamers.
  • Tetra Brik 0-1 L and over 1L
    Tetra Brik Containers are made of paper, aluminum and plastic. For example, juice boxes over 1L are worth 25 cents
  • Bi-Metal Cans Over 1L
    Bi-metal cans are composed of two separate metals joined together. Examples include pineapple and tomato juice cans.
  • Bag-in-a-box Containers
    These beverage containers consist of two parts – the bladder and the box. For example wine, beer and large boxes of water. 

Visit Containers Types and Refunds for more information about all the types of containers you can return for a refund.