Bag-in-a-box beverage containers can be returned to a Depot

Bag-in-a-box beverage containers carry a deposit of 25 cents in Alberta, and can be returned to a Depot for a refund. These types of beverage containers are used for the storage and transportation of liquids and consist of two parts – the bladder and the box. The bladder (or plastic bag) is made of several layers of plastic making it strong enough to hold the beverage inside. That plastic bladder sits inside a corrugated cardboard box and has a spout at the bottom for pouring the beverage into a glass.  Wine and beer are the most common types of beverages found in a bag-in-a-box style container, but newer products such as large boxes of water may also use the bag-in-a-box design.

Make sure to check your recycling and return your bag-in-a-box beverage containers to an Alberta Depot! Remember to take both the box and the bladder back to the Depot in order to get your refund.

Visit the Containers Types and Refunds page to learn more about all of the different types of beverage containers you can return to an Alberta Depot. If you can’t find the type of container you’re looking for, try entering the brand name or the UPC code in the BCMB Portal Search.