Depot Spotlight: Cosmos 1

40+ Years of Giving

For over 40 years, the Cosmos Group has been serving the residents of Red Deer and Blackfalds. Overseeing three Bottle Depots, Cosmos believes it’s important to give back to the communities they serve by donating a portion of their proceeds to a different non-profit organization each month. To date, $528,861 has been given back to selected charitable organizations within the region of Red Deer.

“Fundraising in the community brings enormous benefits and enables us to better invest in our programs, services, and resources. This helps to raise vital funds as well as awareness of our work.” 

Bottle Drives

Bottle drives yield a vital source of funding for many community programs and charitable organizations. For every beverage container donated by community members and returned to a Cosmos Bottle Depot, 100% of the deposit fees are refunded to the organization in need. Cosmos is committed to partnering with drive organizers to ensure a smooth and successful day. They offer free trailer drop off and pick up and will stay open after hours to receive and process containers collected during the drive. To learn how Cosmos can assist you with a successful drive, visit the Cosmos Bottle Depot Fundraising Page

Staff Spotlight: Trinesh Padiyachi

Trinesh started out working with the community and coordinating Bottle Drives in Red Deer in 2016. Providing pick up service for:

  •  50 schools
  • 76 hockey teams
  • Other local pick-ups

Empties into Community Support

Cosmos launched an exciting new initiative last year to make beverage container donations easier with their “Turn Your Empties into Community Support” project. By installing pop-up beverage container donation bins throughout Red Deer and the surrounding area, it’s easy and convenient to donate your containers to a good cause. 100% of the donation proceeds from each bin go directly to non-profit organizations within the community. That means locals who conveniently donate their beverage containers see the return right in their own backyard.

Small Efforts Big Change

While the over 85% return rate on refundable containers in Alberta is a remarkable achievement, Cosmos calls out the community of Red Deer to do one better. They ask locals to consider dropping just one empty beverage container to a donation bin.

 If every resident of Red Deer took part in tossing in just one, over the course of a month – the proceeds would amount to nearly $10,000 to put toward charitable causes in their community.

 To find a bin location nearest you or to request one in your area check out the Cosmos site at: