Depot Spotlight: Triple H Southside

Triple H Southside Depot has been in the business of managing, collecting and recycling beverage containers for over 35 years.

 The first of its kind to service South Edmonton, their well-trained staff provide courteous, respectful and accurate full-service beverage container returns for all customers.

 Triple H Depot is leading the way with new technology and they offer a free pick-up service for beverage containers 7 Days a week.

 Over the years they’ve focused on giving back to neighbouring communities and their customers who dedicate so much effort to keeping Edmonton clean and sustainable.

Community Care, Everywhere

Triple H believes in caring for communities, especially in times of need. With the help of a group of volunteers, they organized a bottle drive to raise funds for Fort McMurray during the devastating wildfires of Spring 2016. Promising to match any funds donated, they raised a total of over $4,000.00 to assist families and residents.

Triple H Knows How to Party

Working with the Ronald McDonald House during their annual block party, Triple H donated recycling bins and trailers while staff volunteered their time amidst vendors, policymakers, musicians and over 10,000 attendees promoting a community of kindness.

 They connected with families through fun games and activities, dancing, celebrating and lending their support to the Ronald McDonald House - the home-away-from-home for families with critically ill or injured children seeking medical treatment in an Edmonton facility.

Staff Spotlight

Resident dog whisperer and recycling enthusiast, owner and operator Albert Saleh has been involved in the world of bottle recycling for over 29 years and counting.

He loves what he does and the great people he meets along the way.

The people and their pets.

 Who knew dogs love recycling? Pet owners say their dogs get excited enroute to visiting the Depot because they know they’ll get a lot of attention when they see Albert. And that makes Albert happy.

A Zero Waste Alberta

Triple H Southside believes in creating a pathway to zero waste in Alberta. They’re committed to building their Depot and reputation through the highest of service standards, protecting the environment and making a positive contribution to the city they call home.

Did You Know?

Recycling beverage containers helps preserve and maintain a clean and sustainable environment for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. By returning recycled beverage container material to markets, Albertans reduce demand for raw materials and can save as much as 715,478,982 KW of energy annually – the annual equivalent energy consumption of over 96,000 households!