Did You Know World Environment Day Is Coming Up On June 5th?

Designated by the United Nations, World Environment Day falls within Canada’s Environment Week celebrated every year the week of June 5th.


Environment Week all started when former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker noted many young people displaying concerns about pollution. He admired their enthusiasm and proposed the concept of designating one week a year to focus on environmental issues to the House of Commons.

A BC Member of Parliament, Tom Goode, took that idea and ran with it – introducing a bill for “Canadian National Pollution Awareness Week.” The bill was passed and officially named “Canadian National Environment Week” to cover all aspects of a healthy environment.

Albertans have been celebrating Environment Week since 1972. It’s a great time to host and take part in events all around learning, celebrating and taking action!

Alberta Cares About the Environment

Alberta Depots believe little efforts like recycling your beverage containers can add up to big results. Results just like the return rate of over 85% Albertans reached in 2017! That’s 85% of all beverage containers sold in Alberta last year making their way back to a Depot for recycling.

Join in on the Fun

Participating in Environment Week events is a great way to learn about new and easy ways to improve the world around you today and for future generations. Greener is good.

 How will you celebrate upcoming World Environment Day?

 You could…

Give the Gift of Recycling - Give future generations the gift of a cleaner, safer environment by joining Albertans in returning beverage containers to markets and reducing demand for raw materials to save as much as 647,126,371 kWh of energy every year.

 That’s the equivalent energy consumption of over 90,000 households!

Community Clean-Up - Organize a community clean-up day in your neighborhood, schoolyard or park. Recycle the beverage containers collected and donate the proceeds to an environmental cause you care about.

Visit a Depot - Plan a field trip to a Depot to learn more about the recycling process and how it helps our environment.

Less is More

Canada’s landfills are reaching capacity and producing 25% of our methane emissions. Beverage container recycling keeps useful materials out of our landfills, reduces greenhouse gas and emissions. Plus, reduces the demand for new container production from raw materials.

 When communities and individuals like you take the initiative to recycle, it benefits the whole environment. Waste isn’t tossed on the ground littering parks and neighborhoods and it doesn’t go to our landfills. Taking responsibility for our environment makes it better today and tomorrow for future generations to enjoy.

From all the folks at Alberta Depot – we thank you for all you do for the planet and wish you a very Happy World Environment Day!

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