Gable top containers can be returned to a Depot

Gable top containers are named for the fold at the top of the container that resembles the gable roof of a house. Many Albertans know that gable top cartons of milk or juice that are over 1 litre carry a deposit of 25 cents and can be returned to a Depot for a refund. Fewer Albertans are aware that small 0 - 1 litre gable top cartons containing beverages like coffee cream or whipping cream carry a deposit of 10 cents, and those beverage containers can be returned to a Depot too.

Next time you go to your local Alberta Depot, remember to collect all of your small 0-1 litre gable top beverage containers and take them in to get your refund.

Visit the Containers Types and Refunds page to learn more about all of the different types of beverage containers you can return to an Alberta Depot. If you can’t find the type of container you’re looking for, try entering the brand name or the UPC code in the BCMB Portal Search.