Hey, Students! Here’s 5 Great Reasons to Return Empty Beverage Containers

Student life is tough. Classes, homework and extracurricular activities leave little time for a part-time job. At Alberta Depot, we get it, and we have good news: returning empty beverage containers is an easy way to put some extra money in your pocket. Refunds add up fast - every empty container one litre or less is worth ten cents, and larger beverage containers will get you 25 cents each.  In 2018, Albertans returned over 2 million empty beverage containers. That means between $200,000 and $500,000 was refunded! Imagine what you could do with your piece of that pie…


1. Take a break from microwave noodles and splurge on take-out from your favourite restaurants

2. Fill up your gas tank and head out on a long-weekend road-trip 

3. Get the jump on your student loan repayment

4. Take that special someone out, for lunch… And actually pay this time ;)

5. Fundraise for your school group. Better yet, go the extra mile by organizing a bottle drive!


Getting started is easy. Save the empty containers from beverages you buy when you’re at school or hanging out with friends. Offer to return empty beverage containers from around the house, as well as from neighbours, friends and family. You’d be surprised how many people are happy to let you keep the refund when you do their Depot run for them! You can return any amount of refundable containers to an Alberta Bottle Depot, no matter how big or small. To find the nearest Depot, check out our handy map tool. With more than 200 locations in Alberta, you probably won’t have far to go! Depot staff will sort and count your containers, and provide your refund on the spot. Before you know it, refundable beverage containers can turn into a stack of cash. 

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