Host the Pefect Bottle Drive for Your Organization

Are you ready for some team building that helps the planet and supports a cause that you care about?

It’s as easy as hosting a bottle drive for your organization! Check out our tips below to ensure your drive is a success:

Depot Field Trip

Choosing a team lead is the first step to a successful bottle drive for your organization.

  • Team lead:  Scout out your local Depot and coordinate with our bottle drive experts.
  • Depot staff: Help plan and schedule your drive and share info on container & return types. Some Depot operators even provide pick-up services.

Save the Date

With the help of your local Depot and team lead, select a date for your organization’s bottle drive. This can be one big push in a single day or a deadline to build up to.

Map Your Success

There are different ways to collect recyclables for your bottle drive. If collecting door to door, you can map out your route and designate areas to different departments ahead of time. Or if you have a main office, you can ask people to simply bring in and donate beverage containers over a defined time window.

TIP 1: Don’t forget to buy bags or bins that may be needed for the drive. Some Depots have tools like bags, bag stands, trailers, or bins available to assist with your efforts. Check with your local Depot to see what options they have to support you!

TIP 2: Set up a central collection point in a common indoor area with high foot traffic. An outdoor collection area can work great as well such as a parking lot. You can also collect containers around where your office is located.

Shout it Out

With the logistics and the date set, it’s time to shout your event details from the rooftops! Letting people know in advance can speed up the process and make it easier for everyone. Don’t forget to also let people know who you are and why you’re raising funds! A few suggestions are:

  • Promotional flyers, social media posts, and other creative efforts
  • Consult your municipality on placing temporary signs along well-travelled roadways
  • Send an announcement to your local radio station
  • Let the neighbourhood know ahead of time of your bottle drive using the free promotional tools provided by Alberta Depots including door hangers (with specific collection times and dates)

The Main Event

On the date of your bottle drive, wear your company colours (or team jersey if you have one) so the public knows that this is an organized effort. Anything from homemade posters to a team mascot can help draw more attention and support.

 host the perfect drive 2

Cash In on Your Efforts

Your Depot will sort and count your containers, calculate the refund and provide a printed receipt. Feel free to pre-sort and count containers for a faster return through separating containers by size (smaller-than and up-to 1L and larger than 1L) and by material type (glass, metal, plastic, juice boxes, etc.). Leave tabs and labels on all of your containers. Flatten milk containers and jugs but do not crush cans and plastic bottles.

Share your fundraising results with your organization, stakeholders and the general public. Host a party to celebrate!

Did you know that there are grants for recycling infrastructure?

The Community Champions Program (CPP) is a grant program specially designed for not-for-profit organizations and municipalities in Alberta. The program provides funding for specialized recycling bins (indoor and outdoor), start-up support and more ensuring convenient out-of-home opportunities for recycling. Learn more about CPP.