A Year of Accomplishments for Innisfree Bottle Depot

Innisfree Bottle Depot is the winner of the most recent "Applaud" through the Applaud a Depot program. On December 6, a gathering of current and past owners, the village mayor, and long-time customers came together to celebrate the community impact of the Depot.

Owners, Vicky and Neetu, took over the Depot in October 2018 and quickly made their mark in the community. The support was clear from the turnout for the event; attendees including Mayor Deborah McMann joined the owners for lunch and to reminisce about the history of the Depot and the town. Nearly 20 years of the Depot’s past was captured, as previous owners joined in on the festivities.

This recognition was prompted by comments from a long-time customer of the Depot, Christa, who stated that, “they are very nice people and always friendly… keep it up.” The personable nature of Vicky and Neetu showed at this event, and it’s evident that they are appreciated in town for the service that they provide.

Innisfree Bottle Depot was also a recipient of this year's Program Excellence Award. This award shows that the Depot is in good standing with the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB), and have demonstrated excellence in refund compliance, quality control, operational compliance, and customer service. Innisfree Bottle Depot was one of ten locations in all of Alberta to receive this industry award in 2019.

Congratulations to the Innisfree Bottle Depot! We look forward to seeing all that you’ll achieve in 2020.

To participate in the Applaud a Depot program and be entered in the next draw, please visit applauadepot.ca.

Innisfree December 2021


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