New to Alberta? Welcome!

Whether you’re arriving from another province, coast, or country, Alberta has so much to offer—including a world-class deposit system!

Did you know your new home is proud to support one of the most innovative and effective beverage container recycling programs in North America?

Each year, Alberta Depot collects over 2 billion beverage containers - keeping more than 103,156,780 kg of waste out of our landfills.

There are numerous companies and thousands of people employed to help the system run smoothly from start to finish.

The operational costs are covered through the sale of recycled material from the containers, unredeemed deposits and from the Container Recycling Fee, which covers the collection and processing of the used beverage containers.

How to recycle like an Albertan

Today, there are over 150,000 different types of beverage containers that can be returned to be refilled or recycled at an Alberta Depots for a refund.

Beverage container deposits are based solely on the size of the container, not the material. There are two different deposit amounts:

  • Beverage containers designed to hold 1 litre or less = a 10 cent deposit per container.
  • Beverage containers designed to hold over 1 litre = a 25 cent deposit per container

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Click here to see how different types of returns can really add up.

What happens to the containers you bring back?

Depending on the type of material they’re made from, beverage containers become a range of other items. Some simply become another beverage container and others can potentially be made into clothing, carpeting, and even fiberglass insulation for your home.

See what all the different beverage containers transform into here.

Find Your Local Depot

There are over 200 Alberta Depot locations providing refunds in exchange for beverage containers. Visit our interactive map to find the Bottle Depot nearest you!

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Your First Visit:

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your first visit to your new neighbourhood Depot:

  • Ensure your containers are empty
  • Give the containers a quick rinse—especially milk containers
  • Leave the tabs and labels on
  • Confirm the hours of operation at your local Depot
  • Keep in mind that Saturday is usually the busiest day
  • Even though Depots will do all the sorting and counting, you can save time by organizing your containers before you go
  • Please take all boxes and bags home with you to reuse or recycle

Check out our time-saving tips and more in our section for new Depot visitors here.

Last year, dedicated Alberta communities achieved a beverage container return rate of 86%.

Ready to join in? Here are some fun and easy ways to get involved:

Start a Recycling Program

If your community doesn’t already have one, consider starting a beverage container recycling program.

It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and colleagues, as well as other students and parents at your kids’ new school.

We’ve got everything you need to get started here including free kits, tools, and so much more. 

Host a Bottle Drive

You can help support community clubs and organizations by raising funds through a local bottle drive.

Give Back

At every Alberta Depot, there’s the option to donate your refund to charity. Through Cans for Kids, you can donate eligible beverage containers to Ronald McDonald House Charities® and the Stollery and Alberta Children's Hospital Foundations.

Together, these organizations provide, support, accommodations, and much needed medical care to families and children throughout Alberta.

Since 2009, $900,000 has been raised by the Alberta Cans for Kids program.