Protect Alberta. One Beverage Container at a Time.

Vast, Pristine Wilderness - Right in Our Backyard

As Albertans, we know our province is home to some of nature’s most spectacular landscapes. What you may not know is that the Alberta Parks system protects an area four times bigger than Prince Edward Island. Or, that our parks are home to four internationally significant wetlands, one of the largest Dark Sky Preserves in North America, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and North America’s largest collection of Aboriginal rock art. Even some of Canada’s largest urban parks are found in Alberta cities. With more than 12.5 percent of the province designated either a National or Provincial Park, it’s no wonder Albertans love to get out and explore. 

While we’re fortunate to have incredible access to these rare and wild places, it comes with responsibility. It’s up to us to minimize our impact so that fellow adventurers can enjoy an equally-breathtaking experience, now and in the future. 

Before You Go

Thorough preparation is the best way to ensure you have an impeccable nature excursion.   Visit or Parks Canada at for alerts and regulations. Rules differ between parks, so even if you’re a backcountry expert, it pays to take a look at the websites before you head new spot.

No Man (or beverage container) Left Behind

One of the cardinal rules shared by devout outdoor enthusiasts is ‘pack it in, pack it out’. Whether your journey is a one-hour stroll in an urban park, or a week-long canoe trip across northern Alberta, be prepared to keep the packaging from absolutely everything you bring until you can dispose of it properly. For beverages, plastic bottles, aluminum cans or tetra pack containers are lightweight and eliminate any worries about broken glass. And, since you hiked all the way out with your container, returning it to the Depot for the refund is like a bonus! 

Going the Extra Mile Can Put Money in Your Pocket 

Wish You Werent Here plastic bottle

Leaving no trace behind may be a no-brainer for you, but unfortunately, not every park visitor thinks the same way. Litter left in parks is frustrating, to say the least. We may get annoyed and curse the culprit, but nature lovers around the world have started a movement to do something about it. The ‘adventure bag’ concept takes ‘pack it in, pack it out’ a step further: bring an empty bag with you to collect any trash you find along your way so you can pack it back out. Check out the adventure bag hashtag (#adventurebag) on social media - some of the bags are incredibly full! Not only will you be going the extra mile for our province’s beautiful outdoor spaces, you can collect the deposit for any refundable containers you find!

Alberta Bottle Depots - Your Partners in Protecting Alberta

One of the best parts of the depot business is knowing that every beverage container we receive is a container that isn’t spoiling a wetland, forest or mountain trail. We’re Albertans, just like you, so we also share the responsibility to protect the natural wonders of our province. That’s why we love the ‘adventure bag’ idea - we can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have here!

 Other ways you can protect Alberta is by joining the Adopt-a-Highway program or organizing a cleanup in your local park. We can help! Head to your local Depot to let us know before you start - we’ll give you a run-down on refundable beverage containers and provide bags to keep the refundables separate from the litter. Not sure where the nearest Depot is located? Click here for a list of the 221 Depots across Alberta.

Whether we see you on the trail or at the Depot, we thank you for going the extra mile to preserve Alberta’s parks!