Recycling beverage containers while camping

It’s camping season, and many Albertan’s will be anxiously venturing into the outdoors to enjoy all that our beautiful province has to offer. Whether you are front country camping, or hiking deep into the backcountry, recycling beverage containers helps to keep Alberta beautiful so we can enjoy camping seasons for years to come.

Read our list of helpful tips and tricks for recycling beverage containers while camping.

Look for specific beverage container recycling bins at your campground

 Many campgrounds in Alberta provide beverage container recycling bins. Recycling beverage containers in those specially labelled bins will ensure that beverage containers reach an Alberta Depot, and are recycled properly.   

Haul your beverage containers out

The rule for backcountry camping is to always take out what you take in. When taking any single serve beverage containers, make sure to bring them back out too and return them to your local Alberta Depot.

Have a specific bag set up on your campsite for beverage containers

If you plan to take your beverage containers home with you at the end of your trip so that you can redeem your deposits at an Alberta Depot, have a designated spot set up for beverage container recycling. Just remember to take the bag inside your RV or put it in the trunk of your car at nighttime to avoid attracting wildlife.

No matter where you are, or what you are doing, read more about why recycling beverage containers is important on the Why Recycle Beverage Containers page.

Happy Camping!