School Program bins are making their way to Alberta schools

A fresh set of beverage container recycling bins have started making their way out to schools in Alberta. Ecole Sainte-Catherine is one of 70 schools registered in our School Recycling Program this year and were very excited to receive their new bins. They quickly distributed the bins throughout the school and put them to work.  Pictured above, fourth grader Jayden LaFrance was the first to use the beverage container recycling bin in his classroom.

Ecole Sainte-Catherine is located in the heart of the community of Lac La Biche. It was founded in 2014 and provides a Fracophone environment for students in pre-kindergarten to grade 4. The students learn and play in French and the francophone environment ensures the students’ French heritage is preserved.

Ecole Sainte-Catherine has been recycling beverage containers since it opened in August, 2014. They use the proceeds to help finance school outings for the students. Last year, the older students went to Drumheller and the younger students to the Edmonton Zoo. The money they earned from recycling beverage containers helped pay for the students meals on these trips. The students love finding bottles and cans to recycle and can see the difference they are making.