The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt Helps Fund Scout Troop #36’s Big Adventure

The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt, an Alberta Depot sponsored event held on June 9th, caught the attention of many communities and non-profit organizations across Calgary and Edmonton.

 Among them, Calgary’s Crossroads Scout Troop #36 recognized it was a great opportunity to fundraise for their upcoming adventure.

 Every 3 years, the Crossroads Scouts of Troop #36 set out on a major 10-day trip. The next one is scheduled for July 2019 in Wells Grey Park where the Troop plans to hike through an old rainforest, visit many of the world renowned 39 waterfalls, ride horses, and raft white water rapids.

 With the help of their supportive parent group, the Scouts have been hard at work fundraising through bottle drives, donations, sales, raffles and draws. Alberta Depot is committed to supporting organizations in need of funding and for all registered communities and non-profit organizations, they provided at no charge everything they needed to organize, market and promote The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt event throughout their local community.  Everything from posters, door hangers, branded ball caps and buttons worked effectively to create awareness and a desire to generously donate to the Scouts 36 on the day.

 "We designed The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt to be an easy and fun way for communities to come together and decide for themselves: Spend it. Save it. Share it. It’s your money.”

- Lori Koebel, Communications & Marketing Manager ABCRC

With events like The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt, Alberta Depot has one goal and that is to bring greater awareness to the importance of donating beverage containers to communities and non-profits who rely on bottle drives as a key source of funding. The Scouts 36 are now well on their way to meeting their fundraising goal of $11,300 for the big Adventure Trip of 2019.

 By saving and donating your empty beverage containers, residents of Alberta make a difference not only to organizations like the Scouts 36 but to our shared environment.  Alberta is home to one of the most successful beverage container recycling programs in the world. With over 85% of containers now being returned to over 220 Alberta Depots across our province, close to 2 billion beverage containers are kept out of landfills each year.

 For more information on the many benefits of Alberta’s beverage container deposit system visit and #ChangeThatCounts.