The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt - June 9th, 2018

Alberta’s largest-ever, single-day bottle drive has been announced for June 9, 2018. Open to Edmonton Community Leagues and Calgary Community Associations, registration is open now at To ensure non-competitive participation, the event is divided strictly by community league/association, who are encouraged to take the funds they raise and either spend, save, or share as they see most necessary in their community.

 After registering, Alberta Depots will provide marketing kits so participating communities can promote the event on their website and social media channels, and in the weeks ahead a print package will be delivered containing posters, door tags, buttons, hats and more. Every community will also be partnering with a local Depot who will make returns easy and convenient by either scheduling a drop-off time or (if available) picking up the collected containers from a muster point for processing.

 The first 50 communities to sign up will also receive a $100 gift card to a coffee shop or grocery store to feed their volunteer bottle hunters. Lori Koebel, Manager of Communications and Marketing for Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) explains that, “We have designed The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt to be an easy and fun way for communities to come together and decide for themselves: Spend it. Save it. Share it. It’s your money.”

 This event, being the first of its kind, is a pilot project that will be extended to other communities in Alberta in Fall 2018. Calgary and Edmonton were chosen as test markets for their higher density of Depots for collection. The ‘hunt’ supports Alberta Depot’s 2018 campaign: Change That Counts,educating Albertans about how the deposit system works, as well as highlighting the numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits. 

“Alberta has one of the highest rates of return for beverage containers in the world, and this it thanks to the deposit system. In 2017, Alberta Depots collected nearly 2 billion containers – our hope is to set a new record in 2018 with the support of all Albertans,” explains Lori.

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 For more information on Alberta Depots and The Great Alberta Bottle Hunt, please visit Further inquiries and interview requests can be directed to Jason Krell, Alberta Depot’s official communications contact: | 403.862.7380