The Recyclers are coming!

Your students are going to love this.

The Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation has created an exciting new way for young students to learn about the importance of recycling. This innovative new program uses a series of comic book inspired characters called The Recyclers that demonstrate the different materials that can be recycled and the products they can become. This presentation introduces the important work that local beverage container Depots do in Alberta and demonstrates how each of us can play a part in its success.

Our pilot year includes over 50 schools located across Alberta. Each school will be provided with indoor and outdoor bins, a classroom presentation, and fun new prizes for teachers and students alike. The bins are wrapped with exciting new graphics to encourage the students to recycle and the outdoor bins are secure to allow beverage containers to be stored outside of the school without worry. During our classroom presentation, students will learn the ins and outs of recycling and play games to test their skills. This program is sure to be popular with students and their teachers. 

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