Three Cheers for the Stony Plain Bottle Depot

The Stony Plain Bottle Depot is the latest urban Depot recognized through the Applaud a Depot program. On December 11, the community of staff, local dignitaries and media, and their winning customer came together to celebrate the positive impact of the Depot.

The long-term staff and customers are proud of the commitment made by the Depot to the community of Stony Plain. Many stories were shared about the history of the building and the changes over the years, but the outstanding customer service has never wavered.

This recognition came by way of the Depot’s customer, Bev, who sent in an Applaud, saying: “Kudos to all the staff at Stony Plain Bottle Depot! You do a great job!”

In addition to the many Applauds that were submitted by customers over the past year, the Stony Plain Bottle Depot also received an Industry Excellence Award. This means that that the Depot is in good standing with the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, and have demonstrated excellence in audit results, control of shipping supplies, accuracy of shipping documents, and load quality. They are one of only 6 locations in all of Alberta to receive an Industry Excellence Award in 2019.

Mayor William Choy congratulated the Depot’s staff on receiving the Applaud a Depot recognition and the Industry Excellence Award. He is familiar with the staff and the difference that they are making in the community environmentally, economically, and socially.

Town Councillor Linda Matties also attended to congratulate the Depot’s staff. She supports the efforts that they continue to put forward in the community. She has a personal connection to the Depot and shared her own stories during the lunch event.

Congratulations to the Stony Plain Bottle Depot!

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