Universal Bottle Depot in Camrose Recognized for Community Involvement

The Universal Bottle Depot in Camrose was the recipient of the latest winning Applaud in the Applaud a Depot program. Depot owner Grace Torpe and her staff were recognized for their excellent customer service at the Depot, along with Grace’s efforts in the local community.

Their customer, Becky, has been visiting this Depot since she was child, and said “every single time we go, Grace and her staff are always smiling and helpful.”

She went on to say that “Grace does so much for the community by allowing bottle drives to help support Cadets, Guides, and supports the Camrose Legion by volunteering herself for numerous events... Our community is blessed to have Grace and her staff."

On August 24, Becky, Grace, and Depot staff were joined by MLA Bruce Hinkley and Camrose mayor Norm Mayer, along with some special guests and local media for a brief presentation and lunch. Grace has “a lot of involvement in the community,” said Mayor Mayer; she is president of the Ladies Auxiliary for the local Legion, runs Bingo, and is well-known within Camrose.

MLA Hinkley talked about the positive effects that the Depot has, saying “besides community and charity involvement, I know the industry does a lot to remove bottles away from streets and highways, but also the landfill.”

Congratulations to Becky, and to all involved at the Universal Bottle Depot!

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