Warburg Bottle Depot’s Applaud a Depot Win

Great weather shone on our latest winner of the Applaud a Depot program.

Warburg Bottle Depot was recognized by Mayor Ralph Van Assen and his good friend MLA Mark Smith as a small business that provides a vital service to the community. They both provided a scroll to Depot owner Pal Singh, which acknowledged the importance of having a Depot in town. The mayor expressed that “we are a small community and small communities struggle with keeping business and services in town. Pal provides something important, not just in town but to the surrounding communities with his Depot, as well as his car wash and store.”

Warburg Bottle Depot customer and Applaud winner Linda noted enthusiastically that “it’s nice to have a program that allows you to say something nice about a business. The big plus is I win something from it!” Everyone enjoyed lunch and camaraderie in celebrating the Applaud a Depot win. This was the first time that MLA Mark Smith had visited the Depot and was given a tour. “Amazing!” he said, as Pal talked about his struggle with the first building that burnt down a few years ago, and his decision to continue the business by operating in a trailer with no heat for a couple years before moving into a new and improved location.

Congratulations to Warburg Bottle Depot!

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