Waste Reduction Week is in full bloom at CF Market Mall

Alberta Depot’s Beauty of Recycling campaign was launched this past summer, promoting the environmental, economic and social benefits of returning beverage containers to over 200 Depot’s located throughout Alberta. In celebration of Waste Reduction Week, Alberta Depot has unveiled a stunning large tree sculpture entitled Return, which was created by local artists Jeff de Boer, Cory Barkman and Christine Pedersen. Made using recycled beverage containers, and standing at an impressive 10 plus feet tall, the sculpture represents the positive community impact from Alberta’s continued commitment to beverage container recycling.

CF Market Mall has launched some of their own new environmental initiatives as well including a “Zero waste zone” in the food court, landscaping using native species to reduce irrigation needs, a Car2Go sharing program, high–efficiency motion senor lighting and water conserving bathroom fixtures to name a few.

Return is available for viewing in CF Market Mall during Waste Reduction Week from October 17 to October 23. The Depot event team will also be on-site all week, educating the public about the benefits of beverage container recycling in Alberta.