What if the end was really just the beginning?

Watch the video below to learn more about how the Beauty of Recycling sculptures were made.

What if the end was really just the beginning? Of a whole new creation, that is. That’s the beauty of recycling. When you return your beverage containers to your local Depot not only do you get a refund on your deposit, but the containers are kept out of the landfill, and become a part of something entirely new. Did you know when plastic water bottles are returned to the Depot, they are sent to be processed and shredded into flakes that can be made into new bottles and food grade materials, or even polyester that can be used to make new clothes? That’s just the beginning! There are over 55,000 registered beverage containers that can be returned to a local Depot that are used to make a wide range of products such as appliances, cardboard boxes, fleece jackets and bicycle and machine parts to name just a few. The new “Beauty of Recycling” marketing campaign demonstrates how individual actions can have a large, collective impact. The campaign focuses on recycling’s many positive impacts, from the refund that is given to consumers, to the amount of garbage diverted from landfills, to the various products that are made of recycled materials. Even the sculptures featured in the campaign were created entirely from used beverage containers.

Alberta has one of the most advanced beverage container recycling systems in North America. The return rate for beverage containers in 2015 was over 85%, which is something to be celebrated. Every beverage container that is recycled through a Depot does make a difference and has a long term impact on the environment for generations to come.