Zero waste halloween tips

Happy Halloween from Alberta Depot! Even though orange is typically the colour of choice for Halloween, check out these zero waste Halloween tips you can follow to make it much more green.


  • Make your own costume. Look around your house or at local thrift stores for old sheets and clothes that you could turn into a costume
  • Rent a costume so it can be reused
  • Organize a costume swap with friends or with your child’s school
  • After you’re done with your costume, donate it to a local theatre group or school drama club


  • Look for products that use less packaging or eco-friendly packaging to hand out to trick-or-treaters


  • Trick-or-treat close to home so you can walk. You’ll save money on gas and also reduce emissions
  • Choose re-useable bags made of cloth like pillow cases, for holding treats


  • Avoid single use non-recyclable items and buy long-lasting decorations that you can reuse
  • Make your own Halloween decorations from materials that are easily recyclable such as construction paper, cardboard boxes, cotton balls or branches and leaves from the yard


  • Instead of throwing your pumpkin in the garbage, turn it into something delicious. Use the flesh to create a pumpkin pie, cheesecake or pancakes. Roast the seeds with a little olive oil and salt for a light snack
  • Compost your jack-o-lantern. Many municipalities offer a curbside pickup or drop-off of pumpkins for composting throughout the Halloween season