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Over 2,500 customers have sent in an Applaud for their local Depot - and they're still rolling in! Applaud a Depot features a quick survey designed to give kudos to the hardworking staff in our industry. Throughout the year, we will draw winners from the submissions to award customers sending in the Applauds, as well as the Depots they have Applauded! So far, we have celebrated 8 winning Depots and their corresponding customers. Be sure to get your name in the next draw!



Applaud excellence and those who make an impact.



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Canmore Bottle Depot recognized by community and industry

On Friday, the staff of the Canmore Bottle Depot celebrated a Depot Award of Excellence, as well as a win for one of their customers in the most recent Applaud...

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Community recognition for the Spy Hill Bottle Depot

The Spy Hill Bottle Depot in Calgary was the Depot of choice for the most recent Applaud a Depot winner.

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Spotlight on the Breton Bottle Depot

The Breton Bottle Depot is the most recent Depot to receive some recognition through the Applaud a Depot program.

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