Collecting containers for a new recycling program requires some thought around how to collect, store and recycle beverage containers. You also need to think about how you want your beverage container recycling program to look. Take some time to consider what tools you will need to help you collect and manage your beverage containers. For instance, do you need multi-stream recycling bins, indoor bins or outdoor bins? What size bin makes sense for your space and the amount of containers you plan to collect? Do you want your bins to lock?

Figuring out how to collect beverage containers means you’ll want to make sure your recycling bins or the bag style matches your needs. This will help ensure your program is successful and will help make it more convenient for the people using it. And don’t forget to review best practices and tips to help manage your program and solve potential problems before they arise.


Choose your bins and bags from one of the recommended suppliers listed below.

Apple Cleaning Supplies Ltd.


Emily Sorensen

Bag Buddy


Jim Edwards

Busch Systems


Ryan Miltimore

Canaan Site Furnishings


Gina Lau

Cascade Engineering


Jan Bognoski

Classic Displays


David McFarlane

Clean River Recycling Solutions


Michael Byrne

Friesen Plastics Inc.


David Watson

GF Packaging


January Carss

Great Western Containers


Peter Nicholson

Haul-All Equipment Systems


Twyla Gurr

Rangeview Fabricating


Branden Agro

Style-Craft Printing


Audrey Henderson

Waste Wise Products Inc.


Paul DeConnick

Questions About Acquiring & Using the Right Bin

  • What type of bins are available?

    Whether you want to start a small business recycling program or you need commercial bins for your school or office, there are lots of options available. To help narrow your search we've listed the suppliers on the items they supply - indoor bins, outdoor bins, multi-stream bins and bags.

  • How do I know what size I need?

    When considering your recycling bin size, think about the location of the bin and how many beverage containers you think you'll collect. Consider bigger bins for busy public spaces like lunchrooms, food fairs and recreation areas paired with some smaller sizes for private areas like coffee stations and classrooms. 

  • When do I need a secure beverage container recycling bin?

    It's best to select secure bins when you're placing them outdoors and are concerned about the theft of refundable containers. Special styles, like bear-proof outdoor bins, are also available from some recycling bin manufacturers. 

  • How many beverage container recycling bins do I need?

    Try to place one clearly labeled recycling bin next to every garbage bin in your space. 

  • What colour bin should I get?

    Blue is the most common choice for recycling bins in Alberta. By choosing blue for your bins, you make it easier for recyclers to identify and use your bins correctly.