The only beverage containers refundable in Alberta are containers that have been purchased in Alberta. It can be difficult to tell whether a container has been purchased in Alberta or elsewhere, but there are a few signs to look for. If a container is registered for sale in Alberta it will typically have English and French on the container and the size will be indicated in mL only.

Just because a container says “return for refund where applicable” doesn’t automatically mean it is registered. As well, a UPC (barcode) is not always a must. Some containers that are registered in Alberta don’t have a UPC (barcode) but are still able to be recycled.

Items that may indicate it is NOT registered include:
No English or French

on container


indicated in fluid ounces

Surgeon General’s Warning

the dangers of women drinking alcoholic beverages while pregnant

If you have any questions regarding the container you would like to bring to a Depot, ask at your local Depot or contact BCMB at 1-888-424-7671.

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