Recycling beverage containers helps us preserve and maintain a clean and sustainable environment for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. By returning recycled beverage container material to markets, Albertans reduce demand for raw materials and can save as much as 691,917,229 kWh of energy annually - the equivalent of 96,100 Albertan households!

Deposits Create Change that Count


Recycling Beverage Containers Can Do a Lot of Good

Local Charities

benefit from donated beverage containers

Reduces Waste

in our landfills

Less Raw Materials

are needed

Clean & Green


Puts Money back

in the pockets of consumers

Charitable contributions

In Alberta, beverage containers carry a refundable deposit. You can collect your deposit money, or do what many Albertans do each year – donate your beverage containers to organizations in need. You can help support community clubs and organizations by raising funds through a local bottle drive, too. It is a great fundraising tool for non-profit organizations to generate millions of dollars for worthy causes.

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We couldn’t be more proud

We’re proud to say that in 2022, Albertans diverted over 2 billion empty beverage containers away from landfills. That means that 83% of used beverage containers sold in Alberta were returned to a Depot.

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If we all do a little, we gain a lot

There are many benefits of beverage container recycling – it not only keeps useful materials out of landfills, it also reduces both greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the energy demand associated with producing new containers from raw materials. It also gives future generations a cleaner, safer environment to live in.

When a beverage container doesn't go into the landfill or get tossed onto the sidewalk, it makes our communities a better place to live. Recycling helps people take responsibility for their actions and help protect this generation and the ones that follow.

If you need more inspiration to recycle, it might help to know there is great concern that Canada’s landfills are reaching capacity. Also, another study by Environment Canada says landfills produce 25% of Canada’s methane emissions.

Creates jobs 

If the environmental and financial benefits of recycling aren’t enough, consider what recycling can do for your community. Recycling creates jobs that employ thousands of Albertan's contributing to the province's economy.

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